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Looking for a way to make some easy money?

Hollywood Houston

Motion Picture Studio


ABOUT: Hollywood Houston Studios talent development agency and management studio is for Houston Actors, Artists, Gamers, Models, Entertainers, Influencers and producers. We develop financial accounts through media productions. 


Hollywood Houston Studios, is in the process of opening a 20,000 sf. Warehouse Studio for making major movies and tv shows in Houston with over 1000 Local Talents and Entertainers (Weekly Castings). We promote and produce Hollywood of Houston Actors, Artists and Talents. The Sky is the limit. Our goal is to bring in more income to our members accounts, through mainstream and major outlets globally, using photography, videography, websites, television, theaters and social media. Every month we take on more members and grow our income through studio productions. As our national media portfolio grows larger, so does our members accounts.


Hollywood Houston Actors Association, Song Artists, Gamers, Models and Talents pay a monthly (Membership fee) to our studio to access Hollywood of Houston productions and to make up to ($3000 a month) after only a few months of work. That is our business plan. We started Hollywood of Houston because we realized that Houston had a lot of great talents, that did not get positive representation and recognition. Also there was no mainstream Houston Actors Associations or Talent Management Agency that developed and managed Accounts. So we wanted to make a fun, loving family friendly Hollywood Industry in Houston, to represent the best of Houston's Family Entertainment and Talent(s).

Our Sponsors make Hollywood of Houston possible. So please support them, by taking time to browse there site. (VIEW SPONSORSWe always want new Sponsors, that fit well with our production goals and future plans. (START SPONSORSHIP!)

CEO: Kenny Styles

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Future Home of
Hollywood Houston Studios

Coming Soon

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To alter the direction of HOU ENTERTAINMENT from going in a negative and miss leading direction, to a more purposeful, knowledgable, up-lifting, family friendly industry and positive environment!


To create more income for HOU Talents and Productions, through nonstop photography, videography, websites and social media influencers.

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