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Calling all Houston Actors, Artists, Models, Influencers and Entertainers. We run a tight ship. Get engagements on new movie productions!

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Hollywood Houston


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We started with a niche' to develop actors for movies and videos. We found, Houston needed a steady platform for actors and entertainers to become viable, a program to be nationally seen and heard, to get regular compensation and representation. We wanted to be something long-standing and adaptable for future business and all new ideas.


As a Talent Management Agency, we could see to it that our community gets the representation and compensation that they deserve. We wanted to protect our UNIQUE BRAND ideas, but to also give our target prospective members the adequate inner-standing of who we are, and what we are planning to do and be in our entirety.


As creators, we are the industry that we CREATE. We become the image of our VISION, WORKS and CREATIONS. Our community is influenced and inspired by what we produce, say and do. If we create TRASH, we will become of that which we create. Therefore, if we produce and create WEALTH, HEALTH and GOOD products. The same principle applies. We become of that which we create.


We are not perfect by far, but our motion picture and content creation industry is a medium focus that we need to take serious. Hollywood of Houston operates in the third largest city in America, and a Multi-Billion dollar industry. We offer our members a unique opportunity to take part of the global motion picture industry by organizing our own Hollywood in Houston. By joining accounts with our Actors Association, you take part in a PRIVATE TRUST account. As we grow and build new studios, create movies and gain national business sponsorships (members) Actors start to collect income and develop personal benefits from our trust account.


We unite actors and entertainers together under our Actors Association for viable account growth through movie productions and media content creation: We oversee (compensation plans, safety, quality, fluency, efficiency, benefits, annual awards and recognition). We specialize in Talent Management and Development, together we share content and produce new media, shows, products and services. We build accounts as members of Hollywood Houston Actors Association, to benefit us.

Talent Management
and Development

We develop one-thousand new talents to push new movie production projects 



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To be our own Hollywood of Houston local Actors and Talents Association.

To bring money to Houston,  through our motion picture industry. To build a BLK Hollywood in Houston, powerful beyond measure.


To produce major industry quality movies, videos and commercial content in Houston, TX with our one-thousand local Actors and Talents.

Call: 832-488-8361

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