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Image by Tony Pham

Houston Stars and Talents,  join us!

Talent Services

Hollywood Houston Studios

Hollywood Houston Studios presents the best in Houston TALENTS, on a global platform. We are a Talent Agency. We unite and manage over 1000 Houston (Actors, Artists, Models, Gamers, Influencers, Athletes and Talents) all under one major studio union.

Benefits Of Membership Are As Follows:

  1. Regular pay for studio members up to ($3000 monthly)

  2. A Financial manager, talent advisor and agency rep

  3. An Organized Houston Motion Picture Industry, HQ

  4. Collaborate your skills and talents with 1000 locals

  5. Global fame, followers, mainstream media coverage

  6. Benefits, perks, discounts on travel and group rates

  7. Sponsors and Endorsements, Lifestyle Advantages!    

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